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How do I actually want to work?

We were on summer vacation for a few weeks in California and there was a phenomenon that kept me thinking: everywhere people were sitting with their laptops, working - sometimes even in the most amazing places, like the rooftop terrace of a furniture store, in a VW bus by the beach, in the Wholefoods parking lot.

I was completely fascinated and thought: that's exactly how I want to work! Being able to choose freely where I want to be and work today, unstoppable when inspiration suddenly strikes me on the go. I wanted to join the many who could decide so freely about themselves and their time and who looked so diligent and happy that I could hardly resist stealing a glance over their shoulder - what were they working on that gave them such wings?

During this vacation, it became clear to me that I no longer wanted to be employed and fixed working hours were not for me either. Years later, here I am doing exactly what I was so enthusiastic about. I decide when and where I write, and often the muse comes over me exactly on the go and I excitedly type sentence fragments while standing. The place is Munich and not LA - but who knows, that might still happen.

There are clear indications of where our heart is drawn to - contrary to all conventions and imposed ideas. We just have to figure out what we actually dream of.


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