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Cinnamon Swirl Bliss

We spent a few days in Copenhagen with friends, indulging in all the delicious food the city has to offer. We had a reservation at one of the world's most renowned restaurants and had been looking forward to it for weeks. Throughout the day, we leisurely strolled around the city, exploring charming corners filled with cozy cafes, art galleries, and bookshops. We were completely immersed in the moment, letting ourselves be carried away without any specific plan or destination in mind.

As the evening approached, we were filled with anticipation - although, after a while, a hint of uncertainty crept in. The entire evening had been meticulously planned and perfected to the finest detail. Everything was flawless, yet so unnatural that we were hesitant to make a single wrong move, as if it could disrupt the carefully choreographed sequence of events. The seemingly endless courses arrived in rapid succession, and after just half an hour, it was hard to recall what we had devoured at the start. I was tense and in awe, only finding my normal rhythm again with a relaxing gin and tonic at the hotel bar.

Weeks later, we reminisced about our short trip, laughing heartily about the "perfect" evening while simultaneously reveling in the memories that truly made the excursion extraordinary: sharing a cinnamon bun on a street corner, devouring freshly baked bread with melting butter, and spontaneously sipping gin and tonics in the sunshine outside the hotel. It was all about quality time spent together and appreciating those simple moments without any fuss, cherishing good food and good friends regardless of the setting.

We often eagerly anticipate grand, extraordinary experiences, but it's always the small moments that truly define my greatest happiness.


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